Program Overview

Pikes Peak Academy’s (PPA) curriculum is tailored to meet the different needs of each of our students.  Our 2-part program is composed of an academic portion that takes place at the school and a life-skills portion that takes place at both the school and within the community.  When students have successfully met all of the requirements in the 2 areas detailed in blue below, they will have earned approximately 44 credits and will be awarded their high school diploma.  Pikes Peak Academy is accredited by the National Association of Private Schools.

Academic Course Requirements

In the academic portion of our program, students will participate in individualized, teacher-guided instruction as they seek to complete a minimum of 8 semesters of English and 6 semesters of math, science and social studies courses written to Colorado Department of Education standards.  Unless permission is given, all academic coursework must be completed at school.

Life-Skills Activities

Life skills activities are the part of our program that help students learn what it means to be compassionate, responsible members of their communities.  We begin by directing students toward life’s three big questions:  Who Am I?,  Am I Going to be Okay?,  and  What Should I be About?   Each life skills activity is then designed to help give students insight and needed experience so they can confidently answer these questions for themselves as they begin to prepare for the world of work and additional training that quickly follows graduation.

Life skills activities are held at different times throughout the week and are counted as an elective on the student’s transcript.  Activities include such things as:  teambuilding projects, bible study, learning vocational and independent living skills, volunteer service-learning projects and college/career exploration.  Attendance and participation in this part of our program is required.  Life Skills often culminates with our older students—usually juniors and seniors—leaving campus early to engage in part-time employment within the community.  Students track all Life Skills progress in their Life Skills Portfolio with help from their staff Advocate.


Yearly Calendar

PPA operates on a modified year-round schedule beginning in August.  Extended breaks occur about every nine weeks of school, August through June.  School is not in session during July.  Click here to download the Calendar in Adobe format.



Pikes Peak Academy charges a monthly tuition on a sliding scale that is based on total household income and family size.  All families should budget for a monthly tuition cost during every month except July, when PPA is not in session.  The registration process begins with a personal interview at the school.  Call the school office today at 719-473-5745 to schedule your interview!