Brunch Cook

Objective of this Position
To ensure that a brunch meal is prepared and served for PPA students and staff during the 10:10 — 10:50 brunch hour on Friday.
General Description
Once per week, the entire PPA staff and student body share a meal in order to enjoy fellowship together.  The goal of the brunch cook is to not only prepare the food but to also help create an environment that helps set the tone for joyful fellowship.  Various church and community groups are the majority of those who tend to volunteer for this service opportunity throughout the school year. Brunch cooks can volunteer monthly, quarterly or annually.
Comments from other volunteers serving in this position
“The kids at PPA have so many needs, but they also have great potential. Providing food for a Friday lunch fills their bellies, but it also affects their hearts. They see complete strangers joyfully serving them and providing for their needs.  It is a true blessing to serve these kids!” -Kathy
Skills Required
Prepare food in large quantities, usually around 50 people total.  Food can be prepared ahead of time at home and brought to the school and reheated, or it can be fully prepared in the school kitchen.  Of course, when the meal is over, cleaning the kitchen is also necessary so the next meal can be safely and cleanly prepared.  A clear, simple “Brunch Cook Checklist” is available for all who volunteer.
Skills/Interests Helpful
–Hospitality mindset   –Servant heart   –Working under time constraints   –Organization
Time Commitment
Approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours spent at the school. This does not include food preparation time, which is, in most cases, completed in the homes of volunteer before they arrive.   At the school, time is spent warming items, setting up the room to eat, serving and cleaning up.
Training Required
Reviewing the “Brunch Cook Checklist” once is about it.
Training Recommended Contact Information
Some experience serving food to larger groups helps.  Contact our Volunteer Coordinator HERE