Life Skills Instructor

Objective of this Position
Life Skills Teachers have the opportunity to share their knowledge and skills with Pikes Peak Academy students in a hands-on environment during Life Skills days.
General Description
Life Skills classes offer students opportunities to learn a new skill and experience various group activities. We are looking for adults who would be willing to share a hobby or skill that our students would be interested in learning and/or would benefit them as they become independent adults. This could be on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis depending on the skill being taught and the schedule of the teacher.
Comments from other volunteers serving in this position
 “A couple of times a year, I teach a jewelry-making life skills class, and when the kids realize they can create several different projects for a loved one, they get really excited.” -Diana
Skills Required
-Enjoy being with teenagers   -Passion for sharing skills/interests with others
Skills/Interests Helpful
 -Ability to offer “hands-on” learning environment   -Ability to share information clearly with others
Time Commitment
 Life Skills classes are 90 minutes and can be completed in one session or several sessions as needed to cover the topic/skill being introduced.
Training Required
 Knowing the skill you wish to share
Training Recommended Contact Information
Having taught your skill before helps but is not required. Contact our Volunteer Coordinator HERE