Student Advocate

Objective of this Position
To build a relationship with an at-risk student that allows you to communicate your hope in Christ and to help your student, along with his or her family, learn the critical life skills needed to have hope in life as well.
General Description
A Student Advocate is a faithful mentor who is willing to walk alongside a student and be the “hands and feet of Jesus” with him or her.   This is a life-on-life calling that will challenge you to model what you hope to see in your student.
Comments from other volunteers serving in this position
“It’s been one of the most rewarding parts of my week.  We need to tell others so they can participate too.”  –Roger     “I have no idea what I’m doing sometimes.  I didn’t know it was going to be this challenging.  I’ve had to pray much, but God has been faithful.”  –Susan
Skills Required
  1. Ability to speak the truth in love    2. Perseverance    3.  Problem solving while listening to the Holy Spirit   4.  Great listener/question asker
Skills/Interests Helpful
  1. Resourceful    2.  Motherly/Fatherly instincts
Time Commitment
Varies at times but, generally, about 1-2 hours per week with drive time.
Training Required
After the initial interview and approval from the staff, the volunteer will need to complete a background check and then participate in a training session at the school.
Training Recommended Contact Information
  • Supplemental readings from the “Biblical Perspectives” course
  • Advocate debriefing sessions
Contact our Volunteer Coordinator HERE