• Jason - When I first started at PPA, I was angry at myself. Seeing that I couldn’t go to a public high school made me upset. But after only a month of being here I saw PPA in a completely different light. The teachers here are more supportive than any teachers I’ve come across at any public school. They’re willing to work with you not only for school but also any personal problems you might have. Being here at PPA for the past two years has allowed me to consider the teachers and friends I’ve made as family.


Our Mission

We provide a highly personalized, Christ-centered alternative high school to help struggling students complete their diploma while learning the critical life skills needed to build their confidence and renew their hope.

We meet the needs of students who are experiencing frustration and/or failure in school, who have voluntarily or involuntarily left another school system, who may not have the academic record or the funds to obtain a quality private school education and who may be considered at risk of not graduating.

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